Work With Us

At Soul, you will have an initial visit that lasts about an hour and a half. No rush, no sterile room, just a discussion about you, your well being and the health issues you want to address.

  Western, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic herbal remedies in the form of extracts, tinctures, capsules and tablets as well as teas may be recommended. Food is our first medicine and nutrition and the use of herbs in our daily meals for health and wellness will be our first course of action. ¬†Auriculotherapy and Aromatherapy will also be incorporated in the treatment plan if appropriate.        
  The function of Soul Holistic Health is solely as a health consultant and the focus is on the enhancement of health and nothing that is said, done or recommended is meant for Western medical diagnosis (meaning diagnosis by an allopathic or conventional medical doctor) and/or treatment of any medical conditions(s) or disease. These services are not meant to replace or substitute for those of a licensed physician.