Star of the Show – Sultry, Spicy Star Anise Tea

Star anise. A beautiful spice. A powerful medicine. It is barely sweet, with a mild licorice taste. A warm herb that expels cold and aids digestion. It supports the immune and respiratory systems and helps prevent coughs, colds and flu. Did you know that star anise is used to make the active ingredient in Tamiflu? It tastes … Continue reading “Star of the Show – Sultry, Spicy Star Anise Tea”


Back to School: An Herbalist’s Guide to Keeping Your Child Healthy

Constant colds, ear infections, runny noses and stomach bugs don’t have to be an accepted part of going back to school. A healthy body is the best defense against illness and disease and building a strong immune system provides the protection you need to keep the body strong and reduce the risk of infection. A … Continue reading “Back to School: An Herbalist’s Guide to Keeping Your Child Healthy”



WHAT IS AN OXYMEL? Oxymel originates from the Latin word oxymeli meaning acid and honey. An oxymel is a mixture of vinegar, honey and herbs used in many traditions as a medicinal drink. Not all herbs taste great, and a spoonful of sugar will definitely help the medicine go down. But herbs are much more than “medicine”.  … Continue reading “BLACKBERRY THYME OXYMEL”


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